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The 5% Club: They Normalized Their Blood Sugars and So Can You


If it worries you to learn that the blood sugar levels most doctors say are "good control" for people with diabetes are high enough to cause all of the classic diabetes complications you've come to the right page. No matter how high your blood sugar is right now there's no reason to panic. Using a combination of the technique you will learn HERE and a few safe diabetes medications lots of people who have lived with blood sugars far higher than yours--often for many years--have brought their blood sugars down to completely normal levels. Many have done it in only a few months. The accounts you'll read below should inspire and reassure you that it is possible to recover your health safely and gently without going to extremes.


Members of the newsgroup came up with the idea for an informal "5% Club" made up of people whose A1cs were in the 5% range or lower. That range was chosen after reading studies connecting A1cs in the 5% range with normal cardiovascular health. (You can learn more about how A1c correlates with heart health HERE)


Years ago, I browsed hundreds of postings from 5% club members posting on the newsgroup and selected from them those that show the most impressive improvements.


With each excerpt I've included the date it was posted so that you can look up the entire thread via Google Groups Advanced Search if you want to see more.


It's important to note that the people cited below used a variety of methods to bring down their blood sugars. Some followed advice to "Test Test Test"after meals which was originally posted by a woman named Jennifer and is now available HERE. They eliminated foods that spiked them over healthy blood sugar targets. Others cut portions. Some added exercise. Others used a combination of drugs plus dietary changes.


What matters, for you, is that many if not most of these people started out with horrendously bad blood sugars and brought them down to normal. So you can too!


After the newsgroup faded away to be replaced first by forums and now by social media, the people who created the 5% club dispersed around the web. But I have continued to receive many more such reports from readers of this site and of my books. Because most of them repeat the experiences described by newsgroup participants, for many years I stopped updating this page. However, in 2014, in response to reader requests I started posting a few new messages to reassure visitors that people are still using the techniques pioneered by the original 5% club and succeeding in lowering their once diabetic A1cs below 6%. These techniques worked for them and they will work for you


Reports from Members of the 5% Club


Note: The most recent posts you will find below are very brief. But if you scroll down you will read many more detailed accounts describing exactly how people lowered their blood sugar from dramatic highs to the 5% A1c range. I was first diagnosed back in the fall of 2012 (60 year old at the time) with an A1c that was literally ‘off the chart’ (16.5) … I found your website and it was a life saver (as well as both your books).


My endocrinologist started me on insulin (on which I’ve remained with his blessing and enthusiasm) and in six months of healthy (low carb) eating and weight loss lowered my A1c into the 5% club of which it has remained (with just 7 units of Lantus in the morning and evening). ... Not sure but feel my success has been due to a number of things … weight loss on a low carb diet (approx. 55 lbs); a great support team (Medical Team, Family, Friends, Blood Sugar 101); discipline and consistency; and of course the insulin (of which I’m told always works). --Thomas O, from Iowa 3/9/2017


Just to inform that reading and rereading Blood Sugar 101 helped me keep hbA1c less than 6 (5.90) since diagnosis in 2014. Glad to have read your book! --Saurabh K. in India 7/16/2016


 I ... was fortunate to run into two or three individuals ... that suggested low carb, hi fat diet. Well it turns out it WORKED! Like NOTHING before ever in my LIFE! 2 months to date I’ve lost 41 pounds, have normalized blood sugars of (110-130 mg/dL) all day without trying, absolutely no extra exercise, and I dropped all 120 units per day of insulin. --Jennifer G, 7/13/2016


 I wanted to thank you for having real information including continuing studies that have helped me enormously. ... I wanted to follow up. My first blood test after the diagnosis and your help and I got a 5.4 a1c! ... 15.7% to 5.4% in 4 months. And I lost 50 lbs. Not bad ;) --Larry P. 5/13/2016


 I was diagnosed with Type 2 on October 2, 2015. The medical advice I got was confusing and conflicting, so I started reading. The second book I bought was your “Diet 101.” You cleared up a host of misconceptions and helped me focus my attack on this problem.


Thanks largely to your guidance, within 52 days I went from A1C of 10.2 to 6.2; total cholesterol of 331 to 139; triglycerides of 1727 to 51; weight 230 to 199. And I’m now med-free!! My doctor couldn't believe my “recovery.” He wrote me a letter telling me to “continue to follow a low fat, low cholesterol diet.” He just doesn’t get it --Rob A. 12/18/2015



2007 Dx'd at 358 bg fasting and a 10.3 HbA1c. I got into the 5% club within the first 18 months keeping only metformin. I have had only one in 6's since (6.2), and my last test a week ago was my lowest at 5.5. I do shoot [insulin] now (4 yrs) to give my remaining betas a rest plus basal because I could not get the fasting down on my own. I"m usually 5.7- 5.9 hba1c. --Bill 1/7/2015


 October 2011 I was sent by ambulance to ER. EMT could not read my BG. All their meter showed was "HI". Not uncommon for DKA you might be thinking, but the meter they used topped at 900. Needless to say they started IV insulin immediately. When I got to the ER they took a reading; "HI" again. Talk about panic. Their meter topped at 1500! It was so high they couldn't even measure an A1c.


So fast forward to now. How am I doing? Well I don't take any medications, I eat very low carb, and rarely see a meter reading over 110- typically under 100 at any time.


A1c has been in the 4.8-5.2 range for over two years now. Which I will take as a 5.0 and chalk the 0.2 variance to lab error. Not too shabby! --David 12/20/2014


 I sent you an email a couple years ago to thank you for helping me turn around my Type II and get it under control.


I am 53 years old and yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and A1C was 5.9.


--W. 12/19/2014


 I started to apply your principles and my results are going very fast, with no medication. ... The principles work....2014


October 23 — lab FBG 217, a1c 9.4


November 10 — FBG 125, lab a1c 8.5


November 20 - FBG 105, home a1c 7.8


Today, November 21 — FBG 95 --Inez 11/21/2014



I was diagnosed Type 2 ,3 and a half months ago at 49 with a A1C of 12 % and a fasting sugar of 18.8. I was told by the Doctors to take metformin 'if my kidneys were not damaged already' and that I would be on insulin in a few years.They told me it was extremely difficult to lower your A1C even with drugs.My feet were becoming numb and my eyes were bad as well as all the other symptoms,I had them all and I had been in denial.


After the shock of the diagnosis and what the Doctors said I thought I was finished,a short painful life probably with my feet amputated all because I had got fat.I was nearly having panic attacks but I started reading everything I could , diabetes books and sites on the internet including yours and I started feeling more positive.


I refused the metformin (maybe it was unwise with those numbers) and started a low carb diet with non starchy vegetables,I took supplements like co-enzyme 10 and alpha lipoic acid,I did alot of exercise both aerobics and weights,and tested my blood sugar regularly. I was very strict and motivated and I lost about 33 lbs in that time but the most amazing thing was my blood was tested the other day and my A1C was 5.8%.I knew it had dropped on my meter but was amazed that my A1C dropped so much so quickly. I had to ask the Doctor for the result,there was no acknowledgement from him and they want to retest me,probably can't believe you can do that so quickly with no medication, --Yvonne 8/28/2014


 I have now completed my first year since diagnosis. My A1c at diagnosis was 7.7. Three months later it was 5.2 and has remained at 5.2 ever since. Your advice and my solid health care coverage (two full plans from two employers), which means I can test, baby, test have been the keys to my success.


I have lost 112 lbs, without really trying and am gently slowing down.


--Fred 7/28/2014


 I am a 70 year old woman who got the diagnosis of diabetes early in May this year. My doctor wanted me to try to handle it with diet and exercise. I went to the dietician to receive nutritional instruction. She but me I a diet of 75 grams of carbohydrates for each meal 3 times a day along with some routine literature, and told me not to test more than twice a day. Needless to say I did not really reduce my blood glucose dramatically even though I cut down my carb intake below her recommendations. I was becoming somewhat depressed.


I found your site and it became crystal clear what I needed to do. I bought a scale. I reduced my carb intake to low amounts, tested rigorously, and have worked up to 40 minute work outs every day. I am testing under 120 an hour after every meal and now some mornings I am under 100 even though my count goes up during the night. --Christine 5/25/2014


 About 3 months ago I went to my doctor thinking that I must be doing great! I eliminated most meat from my diet, and stuck to a fish, vegetable, fruit, and grain diet. My A1c was higher than before at 7.4. My doctor told me to avoid all sugars and come back in 3 months for another A1c test. I came across your site which gave more details on how to eat right and get my blood sugar under control. I eat mostly grass fed or organic meats, vegetables, and raw seeds and nuts. My A1c result is now 5.7 on today's visit to my doctor. It would have been lower, had I not had the 2 jelly filled doughnuts three weeks ago... --Tom 5/22/2014


 I emailed you about 1-1/2 years ago, all excited about losing a bunch of weight and getting my blood sugar under control. You congratulated me, and put me in my place a bit by telling me that if I made it 3 years, that would really be considered a success.


Well, as of January 22, it has been 3 years. I have kept off the 120plus pounds lost, my A1C is 5.1, and I'm still working out every day. I have even been able to stop taking Metformin with no adverse results. Thank you again for your encouragement and research. It has been invaluable.


--Craig 2/11/2014


 I'm a rocket scientist (seriously... ) who REALLY had problems with what my diabetes-diet-councilor was telling me.... Heck, I learned about the krebs cycle in high-school.... Heck, I taught high-school biology just after the Army & none of my STUDENTS would buy that banana-juice I was being fed...You provided understandable & useful information... my A1c is down from 9.7 to 5.7 on just metformin, glipizide, and a diet worked out with your TEST,TEST,TEST method


--Scott 1/08/2014


 Note: Because of space constraints, I have omitted the many reports I have received between 2014 and 2007 when I stopped updating this web page as there were already more reports than most people wanted to read.


Below you will find the older reports that were posted before I stopped doing annual updates



From 16.8% to 5.9% in 5 Months!

Submitted by email Date: Subject: hba1c = 5.9 Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 17:57:40 +1100 From:


July 2007 diagnosis hba1c: 16.8 September 2007 hba1c: 8.0 December 2007 hba1c: 5.9


my Doc started me on Gliclazide (Diamicron MR). half the max dose....


i have had several major changes that have helped me lower blood glucose levels:


* getting off the low fat, high carbohydrate diet that i have followed (pretty strictly) for the last 20 years. i have restricted carbs significantly. i eat alot of salads which i adore. these salads are many and varied. i choose from the following lettuce, cabbage, raw broccolli, raw cauliflower, peppers, olives, rocket (arugula), scallions, onion.


* i often barbecue a piece of steak or chicken and slice this up and add to top of salad when warm. i also use an olive oil/red wine vinaigrette dressing. i eat eggs for breakfast - but i skip breakfast most days. i have been making low carb soups such as "Cream of Broccolli" from a recipe book i found on the web.


* i also eat other vegetables broad beans (sorta like lima beans), peas, green beans, half ears of corn on the cob, celery, carrots.


* i avoid potatos. but do have maybe one or two french fries when they get made. i have eaten 1/2 of a medium baked potato once or twice without a spike


* i have 1/3 a cup of wholemeal pasta when the family has pasta. and maybe a tablespoon of rice if there is rice on offer.


* in the evening my BGL stays well behaved. i can even eat ice cream (regular and low carb) and berries for dessert.


* exercise. just real zippy, fast walking. i live in the hills so we do not have any flat walks. so i do alot of downhill and uphill during the walk. i do it 5-7 days per week. about 2 miles. i reckon the downhill/uphill dimension means i get more than 2 miles worth of benefit. i walk with my daughter or take my ipod.


* reward. i first showed symptoms of high blood glucose level in March 2007. i put it down to aging and thought that the fact that i liked a glass of wine in the evening was adding to the problem. the doctors decided i must be a real heavy drinker despite the fact that i insisted that i was not. so i stopped drinking alcohol. i did not touch a drink for four months. after that four month period i was starting to feel really well and i had realized that it was the carbs turning into sugar that was poisoning my body. because i felt so well, i really had an appetite for a glass of whiskey and soda. so i had one and it tasted and felt fab. so now, if my BGLs for the day have behaved and if i have done my exercise, i allow myself a whiskey and soda before dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. and i still feel great!!!


i am sleeping really well and i am full of beans and energy. my libido (which was never quite diminished 100% - but was down a little) has skyrocketed. :) best way to get a hit of endorphins!!!



From 13% to 5.4% A1c in Three Months!

Submitted by Email Subject: 5% CLUB WOOHOO Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 22:34:50 -0600 From: Theodore xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx




A1c Dropped from 11.1% to 5.2%

Submitted via email 4/12/07



by "Random"


In September 2005 I was initially diagnosed after having a fasting BG of 275 mg/dL, and then a couple of weeks later they did my a1c, which was 11.1%. I wasn't put on any medication, but given the standard ADA talk about diet and exercise, which I took to with great concentration.


In December 2005 they checked my a1c again, and it was down to 6.5%. So that was good.


In June 2006 my a1c was 6.8%. That was not so good. My fasting BG was 126 mg/dL and honestly it generally wasn't a whole lot lower than that, as you can tell from the a1c. I was stumped. So I started measuring what was happening after meals, and my, I was shocked at the spikes. And that, as it happens, is when someone told me about your site, which I read thoroughly, then reread Protein Power (I'd read it years and years ago), then bought Bernstein's book and read it. And promptly dropped my carbohydrate intake to quite low. My BGs reacted dramatically.


In December 2006, my a1c was 5.2%. I get really grouchy now if my fasting numbers aren't two digits. I haven't seen a measurement over 150 since last fall when I changed my diet, and sure, I don't measure after every single meal, but I do sometimes, particularly when the meal is unusual. Perfect? No. But, you know, I'm writing this on my birthday, and I've started to believe I can survive another 40 or 50 of 'em this way. (I'm 38.)



Her Doctor is Thrilled Too

From: Barbara H Date: Wed, Oct 4 2006 4:12 pm


Hi - wanted to take a minute, come back by and thank you all again. My doctor just called to let me know my 3 month out A1c results were in and I tested at 5.6%. When diagnosed I started at 9.5% so I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment here. She was almost as thrilled as I am.



Almost There Starting from Blood Sugar of 500 mg/dl and 14.5% A1c

From: Paul L Date: Mon, Mar 6 2006 6:11 pm


Howdy Folks. Thanks again to all of you that were so helpful after my original dx. The first week of December I was diagnosed with type 2. My first weekend of testing showed blood glucose levels above 400 with some above 500. My bloodwork showed a1c of 14.5.


I started Metformin ... 850 mg 2x per day ... and tested like crazy all day every day ... and made the changes dictated by my testing ... most of my diet changes involved cutting out as many carbs as possible. I did not need to lose weight so that did not factor in to my eating decisions.


Just got some blood results over the phone today with a followup appointment scheduled in a couple days, but good progress has been made:


a1c 6.4


LDL 95


For about 3 weeks now my Metformin dose has been reduced to 425 3x per day.



For the Engineers Among Us - A Spreadsheet Helps

From: Joe Date: Thurs, Feb 16 2006 6:46 pm


I got my Lab tests today and I'm real happy with the results. I'm not sure if the cinnamon is helping, but it isn't hurting either.


HbA1c was 8.3 mg/dl, now 5.7 mg/dl Total Cholesterol was 163, now 152 Triglycerides was 99, now 52 HDL was 38, now 43 LDL was 105, now 99 (Still needs work, but heading in the right direction)


The excel spreadsheet ( ) I'm using predicted an HbA1c of 5.88 and I was 5.7, so the Nathan formula was within 3% of my lab. That's close enough in my book for a general guide of how I'm doing. Nothing will replace having the doctors office do the test, but at least I won't get any surprises either( I hope lol).


Time for a treat, sugar-free pudding made with Hood low-carb milk. whoo-hoo!!!!!!


-- Joe W T2 Nov '05 30mg Actos,3gr Cinnamon, Diet(100 carbs) & 3 mile walk(everyday) & BowFlex(3x a week)



Fasting Blood Sugar Dropped from 266 to 101

From: Michael Date: Wed, Oct 5 2005 3:53 pm<


DX T2 (probably) 5/2005


* May Labs / Stats o wt 171 lbs o bp 104/88 o a1c 10.1 o triglycerides 319 o cholesterol 196 o glucose 266 * August Labs / Stats o wt 155 lbs o bp 112/60 o a1c 5.8 o triglycerides 143 o cholesterol 177 o glucose 101 * September labs (partial) o a1c 5.3




on 1000mg Metformin twice daily



Test, Test, Test plus Meds do the Job

From: TaniO Date: Thurs, Sep 8 2005 10:00 am


if you all took notes, you will remember that I was dxd in May with a A1C of about 12.6. This morning I went to my doctor and it was 5.9. I'm happy, the doctor's happy.


Yes, I test and test some more,and have learned to go with my life rather than fighting against it. The metformin (1000 mg. 2x day) and the avandia(4 mg. 2x day)are quite tolerable. And, boy, do I feel in control.



More Great Results in 3 Months

From: None Given Date: Tues, Oct 26 2004 3:10 pm


date 6/10/04 7/19/04 10/19/04 lab ref A1C 12.3 10.1 5.5 4.8-6.0 TC 134 115 85 0-200 HDL 48 54 45 35-60 LDL 58.4 45.6 28.6 0-130 Tgl 138 77 57 30-150 HDL/TC 35.8% 47% 52.9% Tgl/HDL 2.875 1.426 1.267 TSH 2.54 2.67 .34-4.82 and I lost 23 more lbs over the last 3 months



From Fasting Blood Sugar of 250 mg/dl to Normal

From: jem Date: Mon, May 23 2005 9:29 pm<


As promised, I'm reporting the results of my first A1C test, which I received today: 5.8%, and I.m very pleased. Was hoping for 6.0 but could've tolerated 7. :-)




further on in thread:


"Last time" was my initial diagnosis, I guess about three months ago,with fasting BG of 250 and post-prandial of 340. Not so good. My post-prandial a minute ago was 109, two hours after a plate of homemade beef-a-roni (made with Dreamfield's macaroni) and a slice of carrot cake (my birthday was Sunday, 42 years and counting). I felt lucky with that BG since I forgot to take meds with supper.



Low Carb Drops Weight, Blood Sugrs, Lipids, and No More Protein or Glucose in urine

From: Chakolate Date: Wed, Jul 14 2004 12:45 pm


Got my lab results yesterday, after low carbing for about 11 months.


07-03 06-04 HgA1c 9.2 5.7 TotChol 261 162 Trigl 172 53 HDL 43 37 LDL 184 117 Weight 242 185


And my kidney profile says I'm no longer spilling sugar or protein in the urine. :-)



Her Strategies Paid off in Success

From: trinity Date: Wed, Aug 25 2004 4:54 pm<


I've been doing the snoopy dance all day!!!!


My A1C is 5.5!!!!!


Since I've been going in 3 month intervals, I've been trying different strategies after each dr. visit. For these last 3 months, I've increased walking & stair climbing, focused more on low-carbing. I have cut down on fried foods, but I still splurge on stuff. :) I've been checking my blood from 2 to 7 times per day.


I've learned a trick: if I've eaten something that pushes my numbers up, then if I walk even 15 minutes (after 30 min to 1 hour post meal), my numbers will drop. I just have to make sure I don't over do it. So for this next 3 months, I'm going to focus on after each meal, if I walk a little bit, then maybe I can get away with a little more carbs per meal (not all the time, but every now & then).


My dr. is pretty impressed as am I.


And now for my numbers: fasting bg 7.1 3.3 to 6.1mmol creatinine 69 60-115 Chol. 3.54 <5.20 Trig. 0.7 <1.71 HDL 1.18 >1.29 LDL 2.04 <2.5 Chol/HDL 3 <4.00 A1C 5.5 4.0 - 6.0 Creat (RUR) 4.9 3.0-11.0 Microalb/creat 0.4 <2.8 Microalb/(RUR) 2.2 <15



The Happiest Day in this "Foodaholic's" Life

From: GH Date: Sun, Feb 22 2004 12:15 am


Hi All,


I have been lurking since I was Dx'd 11/3/03. I was confused, frightened and didn't really know where to start. I was probably the worst junk food aholic that I knew. My first A1C reading was 10.1.


At first I completely omitted all junk food, pop, starchy foods and sugar..My doctor put me on metformin xr, 2 x 500mg and diovan for blood pressure. The first day I went out and bought a freestyle meter because I was a big chicken about needles. I searched all over the internet and found this group as well. I followed advice and checked, checked and kept checking. I felt like I owned stock in the company with all the strips I was buying. The most important thing for me was portion control of the things I do eat ( now have quite a fondness for salads). In the meantime I managed to lose 25 pounds.


I recently got my 3 month A1C back and it was 4.7!! For me it was the happiest day I've had in quite some time. Honestly, this is the best I have felt in quite some time. Unfortunately, it took being dx'd for me to take charge of my health and well being.



Testing Did the Trick and Improved Leukemic WBC

From: Alan Date: Tues, Nov 18 2003 7:39 am


Hullo All Showing off. My results are just in.


At diagnosis (Feb/Apr 02) 8.2 After one month of "fear diet"; the diet where you don't know what's bad so you eat almost nothing (May 02): 7.6 Then three months of common sense diet (Jul 02): 6.5 Three months later, with more dieting and "test,test,test" (Aug 02): 6.2 Which is where I stayed in Nov 02, Feb 03 and Jul 03 after travelling around and eating out. But today:




Same limits, same lab. Under 6 is noted as "non-diabetic". I also regained only one of the 28 Kg I lost in 2002, so the net loss is 27 Kg (60 lbs). No, I'm not happy; I'm bloody ecstatic!


And the weirdest, most unexpected thing is that my WBC has also dropped into non-leukemia levels at 8.7, upper limit 10, for the first time since that diagnosis. It's not supposed to have anything to do with diet, but I'm not complaining there either! I still have very low immunoglobulins, but I suppose I shouldn't be greedy in the circumstances :-)


NOTE: You can read much more of Alan's experiences with diabetes since then on his diabetes blog at Update: On March 12, 2017 Alan messaged me saying he still doesn't have any diabetic complications.



A Year of Success

From: Redman Date: Fri, Sep 12 2003 5:46 pm<


Hey all.


It dawned on me today that it has been over a year since diagnosis .


At diagnosis my HBA1C was 11.3% (August 9, 2002). I joined the 5% club in February/March and remain a member at 5.3%.


I was taking Glucovance for some time, but changed to Metaformin & Glyburide separately (same dosage as Glucovance). I started Avandia a few months ago, and cut out the Glyburide a few days ago (all with consultation with my physician.



From 15.3% to 5.8% in Five Months

From: StampNScrap1128 Date: Sat, Sep 20 2003 8:09 pm


Speaking of good HbA1C....


I'm SO proud of my Type 2 husband! He was diagnosed on May 1, 2003 with a 15.3 count. Today we got his blood test results from last Tuesday..... 5.8 !!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a member of the 5% club!!!


Doing the happy dance with him.



For Him Type 2 has been "a Blessing in Disguise"

From: Frederic E Henzi Date: Wed, Aug 27 2003 2:36 pm


I just had my yearly check up. Here are some of the DM numbers, all are about 5% better than last year's:


A1c 5.7 Tot chl 222 HDL 99 LDL 116 TRG <45 BP 114/64 R Pulse 56


My endo said to carry on with what I'm doing.


Male, 67 years, 142 lbs T2, dx'd 3/2000. For 33 month on low carb ( about 60 g carb per day) and 2200 cal per day of which: 10-15 % from carb, 30-40 % from protein and 50-60 % from good fat and cheese.


I walk every day 40 min down and up a 400 ft hill. I do resistance exercise about every two days.


I don't take any meds, but take supplements: vit E, Citracal, aspirin and Multi vit. Since last year I've incorporated suggestions from the NG: flaxseeds, bitter veggies (endives, radicchio), 2 Oz of wine with supper.


To me, T2 has been a blessing in disguise. Without the scare of dx, I would have never changed my life style and learned about nutrition.


I love the low-carb/ high-fat life style. I feel great and enjoy excellent physical and mental energy. I'm as lean as when drafted at 20 - some loose skin now, though.


When I changed to low-carb/ high-fat, I was warned by well wishers about terrible consequences. So far, all is well and improving. I will stay the course.



From 10% to 5% in 90 days with Metformin, Diet, and Supplements

From: John McNeal Date: Thurs, May 29 2003 4:37 pm Groups: Three months ago I had an A1C done and was at 10.0. Doc put me on glucophage and I started taking my diet more seriously. Had a 90 day A1C done this morning. In addition to losing 10 pounds since my last visit, my A1C is now 5.0!


FYI, my regimen has been 1000 mg Metformin, 10 mg Lipitor, 400 mg Lipoic Acid, 2600 mg Evening Primrose Oil, a multivitamin, 400 IU of E, 1000 mg of C. I think that's it.


But with another 10 pounds to lose, I gotta get serious on the exercise part of this Holiday in Purgatory...



The 4% Club Here and perfect Lipids without Exercise

Randy Crawford Date: Thurs, May 15 2003 4:14 pm<


I guess there is such a thing as a 4% club, since my Hb1AC this week was 4.8. Is this too low? My doctor didn't seem alarmed. That's a new number to me. I've not heard mention on this group of numbers in the sub-5s.


My daily BGs have ranged from 80 to 115 or so, with a first-of-day reading of about 110. But I spike nicely when I eat carbs, to easily 160, and it doesn't come right back down, either (after 1.5 hours). So I guess I'm definitely still diabetic. (Pop, goes the bubble.)


At T2 diagnosis in December, my Hb1AC was 8.7. In March, it was 6.0. Apparently, my blood lipids have all improved as well to better than target levels. I guess losing 30 pounds can do that.


This *without* significant exercise, (and without pizza, and without Coke, and without tortilla chips, and without muffins).



Getting Control Back Despite Serious Setbacks

Brandy J. King Date: Fri, Apr 11 2003 7:53 pm


Just got the labs back and A1C is 5.8, so I'm back in the 5% club! It's been an interesting road. I was diagnosed in June 99 with an A1C of 13. I immediately starting reading this newsgroup and lots of web sites. I got my A1C down to 5.9 by early 01 and kept it in the 5's for a year using Glucophage/Prandin and reduced carb diet. Then other stresses in my life developed and I started slipping. When I hit 7.3 last April I knew it was time to get organized again.


So I slowly started reading again and eating better. Exercise was slow since I was having back troubles again.


Well an episode of acute renal failure in Nov. (due to the otc NSAIDS for back pain and the ACE for blood pressure), woke me up very quickly. Fortunately it doesn't look like there will be much permanent kidney damage and all the lab numbers are slowly getting back to normal.


I went on insulin in Nov. which was planned to be very temporary. They put me on R same as I had been on in the hospital . After acouple of weeks, it looked like the temporary was going to be longer than hoped so I talked with my doc (wonderful lady) and ditched the R for a civilized routine of Humalog/Lantus.


The numbers are back to where I could restart the Glucophage, so I'vestarted doing a very small dose to get my system use to it again. I don't' want to go back on the 1000mg/2x day until the numbers are all back to normal. In fact, I really like the control with insulin, so I continue using it to some degree.



Yes, It CAN be done

From: philo Date: Thurs, Jan 16 2003 12:11 pm


Saw doctor this morning. A1c 5.4!!! In October it was 10.8. My cholesterol is back down to 110, triglycerides-80, LDL-49, HDL-45. I was not expecting numbers this good!!! The doctor was really pleased with my numbers. As my weight goes down (182/162) we are going to start phasing out the meds.


It is possible to do this. It takes a committment and work but it can be done. YIPEEEEE!!!!!





Everything Normalized Including Kidney Function with Low Carb Diet

From: Michael Zwibel Date: Sun, Mar 16 2003 11:10 pm<


I just got my (on Friday) latest test results. To give a background 6 months ago GHB A1C wwas 7.5. Fasting glucose was 140. I weighed 200lbs. I had a 303 cholesterol. I also had liver problems that were possibly diabetes related.


I am now on a extremely low carb diet with excersize and 1000 mgs of metformin a day.


Latest Results: GHB A1C 5.0 Fasting 86 Total Cholesterol : 187 Triglicerides: 92 HDL Cholesterol: 55 LDL Cholesterol: 114 Liver problem all cleared up.


Kidney function perfect - I had that tested because I was worried about the high protein diet.


Great Numbers, Improved Lipids and Fatty Liver Improving

From: Mirzabah Date: Thurs, Dec 19 2002 8:27 pm


G'day all,


Test results at diagnosis (13th September, 2002):



--------------- Test result normal range


--------------- Fasting plasma glucose 10.1 mmol/L 3.0 - 6.0 Haemoglobin A1c 8.7% 4.0 - 6.0 Total Cholesterol 6.1 mmol/L < 5.6 Triglycerides 2.0 mmol/L < 2.6 HDL Cholesterol 1.20 mmol/L 1.00 > LDL Cholesterol 3.98 mmol/L < 3.51 LDL/HDL Ratio 3.3 < 3.6




Three months of diet and exercise, et voila:



----------------------- Test result normal range change


----------------------- Haemoglobin A1c 5.6% 4.0 - 6.0 -3.1 Total Cholesterol 5.8 mmol/L < 5.6 -0.3 Triglycerides 1.9 mmol/L < 2.6 -0.1 HDL Cholesterol 1.31 mmol/L 1.00 > +0.11 LDL Cholesterol 3.62 mmol/L < 3.51 -0.36 LDL/HDL Ratio 2.8 < 3.6 -0.5


----------------------- My blood pressure is down from 140/90 (mild hypertension) to 120/70 (perfect). I've lost 8 kilos (about 16 pounds) and some slightly abnormal liver function results indicative of fatty liver have improved - not cleared up completely, but getting there.



From 11% to 5.7% with Metformin in 4 Months

From: JoeB Date: Wed, Nov 6 2002 11:16 pm


I went to my doctor Monday for a checkup. My A1C was 5.7 vs. 11 something when diagnosed with type two on July 10th. Diet, exercise and medication has been effective.


One thing that I think is interesting, is that the doctor (endocrinologist) says that my goal should be 140 or less two hours PP. I told him that many diabetics think that 120 should be the target. He said that's great and that we might cut my meds if I continue to do well. I currently take 500mg of metformin twice a day.



The Doctor Was Amazed

From: WSM311 Date: Wed, Dec 18 2002 6:05 pm


I got the results of my A1c today. I'm 5.6. My doc was astounded. He has never had a diabetes patient try to lower their bg's as much as I did. I was 7.3 in June, 6.2 last time and 5.6 this time.



Normal Blood Sugars and 25 Pounds Gone in 3 Months

Deanne Barsi Date: Tues, Oct 15 2002 2:33 pm


I called the doctor to get my A1c results from last Tuesday. My first one since dx. When I was dx I was 7.3 in early July. I was told my A1c is now 5.3!!!!!! I'm so excited that my hard work is paying off. o now, I am within a normal range and 25 pounds lighter.



Normal Numbers and Neuropathy Clearing Up in 3 Months

Bryan Graupmann Date: Mon, Aug 26 2002 12:55 pm


Hey all!


Normally I mostly lurk, but wanted to share my success with the group. I was diagnosed as T2 in late May of this year. My A1c at that time was 9.3, with my test results starting in the low 200's.


Today I got the results of A1c test done late last week, and its down to a 5.4!


I've been following a low carb eating routine, exercising daily, and taking Amaryl (1mg) every morning.


One added benefit of all of this is that I've lost 40 pounds, and I anticipate dropping perhaps another 25-30.


When I first started I had a lot of symptoms like numb toes with stabbing pains in the feet.. Now my feet are feeling better, I can feel my toes, and the pains are rare.


Anyway, it can be done!



From 11.1% to 5.5% in 5 Months

Hogjaws Funkenhausen Date: Fri, Apr 5 2002 1:51 pm


Just learned that my HbA1C is now 5.5 in a test taken 1 April 02. I was dx'd 10-29-01 at 13.7


On 15 December it was 11.1 and 15 January 02 it was 6.3.


Huge Improvement for Long-term Type 2 with Insulin

From: Randolph M. Cox Date: Sat, Aug 17 2002 1:35 pm


Just got my latest ac1 results. 5.9! Was I every excited. My last two were 7 and 7.1.


I have been type 2 for 15 years and have been having a lot of ups and downs. Started multiple injections about a year ago and have been getting much better results. I am now in the process of getting on the pump. I hope to see better control with less swings in BG.


I lurk here most of the time, but just wanted to share the good news.



Great BGs and Great Lipids in 4 Months

Marco Pollo Date: Mon, Apr 29 2002 9:47 pm


Thanks to all my friends here who helped make it happen


12-1-01 2-1-02 4-25-02 Target A1c 9.9 6.8 5.4 4.2-6.7 Fasting BG 268 108 89 70-109 Triglycerides 481 81 63 <200 Total Cholesterol 351 210 159 <200 HDL Cholesterol 38 48 60 >35 LDL Cholesterol 223 146 86 <130 Chol/HDL Ratio 4.4 2.7 <5 C-Peptide 2.0 1.1-5.0 Blood Pressure 140/95 120/80 110/70 Weight 202 180 163 140 SGPT (alt) Liver enzyme 95 66 5-35



From Tested BG of 469 to Totally Normal

From: underemployed Date: Thurs, Mar 28 2002 1:59 pm<


I was diagnosed Dec. 27, 2001 as Type 2. At that time, in the doctor's office I was 469.


I'm on Glucophage XR 500mg a day. I was originally on 1000mg day but cut it back to one a day with doctor's approval about 2 months ago. I test 5-8 times a day and eat a lot less carbs than I did before diagnosis when I was a "carb hound". I probably eat about 100-125 grams of carb a day.


My numbers are:


HbAlc--5.0 HDl--44--the doctor says this is my best ever. Had been as low as 23. LDL--112 Total Cholesterol--171 Trigs.--76


Before diagnosis I was not really overweight, 6'1" tall, and weight of 188. Today I weigh 170.



A1c from 12.2% to 5.4% in Three Months with Great Lipids

From: Mike Stonehill Date: Fri, Mar 29 2002 1:23 pm<


I wanted to share some positive news to encourage anybody who needs it. I just got back from the Doc and recieved my first lab results after diagnosis in Dec 2001.


First- Total Chol was 220 now 139 LDL was (unable to test too high) now 85 HDL was 31 now 35 TG was 489 now 96 Ha1c was 12.2 now 5.4


Lost 42 lbs. BP avg at 128/79


I'm thrilled. I know I have to keep close tabs forever, but I am encouraged by the payoff of lifestyle change.



A1c Down from 15.7% to 5.8% in 3 months

From: S. Eric Asberry Date: Mon, Feb 25 2002 9:10 pm


I am happy to report that I just got my labs back today for my 3 month post-diagnosis checkup. I done good! My a1c was 15.7% back in November when I was diagnosed. I got a follow up a1c a month later that was already down to 10% (they went ahead and did an a1c then 'cause they were doing some other bloodwork anyway). But now, 3 months after diagnosis (T2) I'm down to 5.8%! WOOHOO!!!! I'm ecstatic!!!! Just had to share!

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